Friday, December 29, 2006

oldyear new year blues

I'm not good at special days,. Especially the old year new year thing. Maybe this year it will go better. I will sleep late on Sunday and hopefully wake up on Monday in 2007. We will go to church in the middle of it and maybe it will go better from that point onwards. Lets see.... see you in 2007 DV.........zzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ted Haggard

I heard in Die Beeld of the situation at the New Life Church in Colorado, where their senior pastor were caught out. All that I can say is - for people (and pastors themselves) to stop putting us on pedestals. The only thing that can happen is either you fall of (from the pedestal) or there will allways be the struggle of someone else who will pull or push you out ( to get the seat). We have seen the moral failings of Jimmy Swaggart and the rest..... how many times must God pull us back to reality.
Secondly, I'm just so aware that God challenges us to see in this episode our lack compassion and love in a shocking way: why was it so impossible for this 'man of God' to come out in the open about his sexual orientation- because ( in his own works) it is 'dirty', 'sinful' and 'dark'. We as a church has a hand in this-we reject people like him and they have to stay in hiding.... we don' love them, we dont ( God forbid) embrace them.. we fear them, lablel then.. we chase them away... to the dark alleys and corners. This is not the compassion and love of God in Christ Jesus...
'Forgive us, Father for we know not what we do....'

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Opening and Lebo Mathosa

Welcome and here I go again.... would be good to hear from anyone out there. Lebo Mathosa's death- well what can we say... so many mourning and tributes... even from the top (Thabo Mbeki- I mean). I also want to add my voice. I liked the song, I love music, amongst others and indeed I agree that she was a hugely succesfull pop star (diva maybe ??). I hope and pray that the family might find comfort and peace. I am however disturbed by the fact that some present her as a role model or voice of young people in South Africa. I might sound callous, but let me explain: My suggestion is that we are to be very careful of creating idols out of people whose lifestyle is, by their own choice, associated with drugs, debauchery and who died in a cloud of partying and clubbing.
Now, maybe by equating the lifestyle of this fallen star with being the voice of young people suggest that this could be the ethos, ambitions and lifestyle of young people in South Africa. (I however don't think so) Maybe she is misunderstood by me in terms of the values and ethos she lived and died by.. and I need to be open for correction, but I think we've seen too many pop idols fading and disintegrating in this fashion to be set up to carry the weight of this staus on their shoulders. Yes maybe I should allow them the space to make their choices in life and live their lives accordingly, but then... don't present them as the role model and voice... I don't even think they wanted to bear this weight upon their shoulders........ We owe our young people ( including the Lebo's still alive) more in terms of ambition. dreams and lifestyle...