Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Angelina Jolie is in the Bible !

Finally, my spiritual sense has been vindicated ! I always knew that there is something more to Angelina Jolie. She must be an angel of sorts. Now it is reported that a new Bible translation has included an image of this superstar in an illustrated Bible. Apparently this edition is a blockbuster !

Seriously though, whilst I find Angelina to be some of the few superstars, who has been an inspiration in terms of compassion and caring, this type of contextualization need to be questioned. It need to questioned when American images of stardom, are sold as the latest incarnation of God's word. In a world where the majority could care less, or don't even know, the lifestyles and antics of Hollywood, or where the USA is perceived to be the source of so much pain and mystery in terms of economic and ecological instability and imperialism in the rest of the world, this decision has to be questioned and resisted. It might sound utterly pious, yet it might be closer to the Bible to maintain that Brangelina is indeed in the Bible, where all of us are... typified as a sinner in need of grace. And it is at this place where angels are made, as normal human beings trying to make a positive change.
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