Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brothers Jake and Luke shake hands

Well, well, well ! Whilst the storms are raging, and everybody is calling for Luke Watson's blood, there is another unexpected turn to the ongoing saga: Brothers Jake and Luke are joining hands, in their church.

One can only wish Jake well, on his new-found love and new-found life. Its fascinating how many Springboks ( and coaches like Heinecke Meyer and Peter de Villiers) own up to a personal faith commitment and often refers to the role of their faith in God. This affects their relationships amongst each other and so forth ( sometimes behind the headlines!) Die Burger, reports on how Brother Jake, recently became a Christian and in the midst of the recent controversy, reached out to Luke Watson, at a church gathering. In the article Brother Jake, states, something which I heard in Luke's famous, motivational speech, 'Ons moet besef daar is ’n groter plan. Dit gee jou soveel rigting in die lewe'. Now, I understand where its coming from.

Anyway, to both brothers, we can only wish them blessings and a Amen ! I think they might be showing the way.
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