Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We so need angels of peace

Congratulations to our very own African-American, Charlize Theron, officially appointed by the UN, as a special peace ambassador. In a period where we as Africans, again, are simply hanging our heads in shame at the kind of humanitarian carnage on our soil, we need angels of peace.

The recent brutal slaughter of innocent people in the Eastern parts of Congo (Kinshsha) and the possible role of Rwanda, but also other countries here in the region like Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia in our very own African world war, is simply a blight on our dancing and singing about ubuntu, human-ness and all that jazz. Let me not even touch on the topic of Robert Mugabe, and how our very own SADC leadership, with our new man at the helm, Kgalema Motlante simply roll over, and keep on rubbing in adoration, his back, whispering in some sick joke about the wicked 'Western masters', in his ear.

Then, we have our own violent crime situation, to top it all. I was horrified yesterday, to hear the shocking story of the hacking to death, of Rashida Ahmed, in Laudium. This came as her brother was also murdered three years ago, being hijacked.

It is the kind of situation where we ask about God. Surely, God cannot simply be on the side of all people. God cannot simply be on the side those who willfully go out and cruelly murder and hack to death innocent people in their homes, or those who are on the side of the Mugabe’s and leaders who instigate a bloody war against their own people. God cannot be blessing the cruel cold-blooded murder of a young man, as he loads his .303 or another, driving with an AK47, up to the home of an innocent farmer and his aged wife, on his farm eking our a hard living, from dusk to dawn.

We however believe... that God, in this world full of injustice and enmity, is in a special way the God of the destitute, the poor and the wronged.

Yes, he is on the side of those who seek peace, and on the side of the church as the possession of God, who stand where the Lord stands, namely against injustice and with the wronged; This calls the us, the church, in following Christ, to witness against all the powerful and privileged who, selfishly seek their own interests and thus control and harm others.

Peace means that we have to stand up against violence, and stand with all the victims of violence. Charlize, look around, we are there with you !
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