Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope for Zimbabwe

Let's get Zimbabwe on her feet again! Whilst we all may have our reservations about the Zimbabwean styled aka Mbeki-styled government of national unity, we cannot deny that this is a step forward. Being an optimist, I would give it a go and would suggest that Zimbabwe's new government need our support.

Of course, Mugabe is still there and preparing for another obscene narcissistic feast; the current security forces still go on and commit serious human rights offences, the cholera and HIV/AIDS crisis is still spreading like wildfire, but we should not yield to the temptation to cynicism or worse, shades of Afro pessimism, which paints Zimbabwe as forever condemned beyond hope. The South African transition, the mammoth task here of restoring dignity, humanity, which will possibly take generations, remind us that the turnaround in Zimbabwe also call for a long term perspective, a dream that need to guide current choices and actions. Let's remind ourselves that Barack Obama's, 'Yes we can' is embedded in the struggle against slavery, racism which was sustained over decades. The journey of our northern neighbours will be no different and like some-one else said recently, (my paraphrasing) 'when friends are hitting low times, we who can, must lend a hand'.

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