Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The writing is on the Wall (street)

I think, with all the talk about the global crisis and the bail-out plans of governments of chief-executives, there should be another kind of talk. Small talk. The talk about honest hardworking people loosing their jobs; young people's jobs being casualised and having to hear that government simply cannot create jobs. That's a lie. They do have money, only to pay the excessive bonuses of those that cause this crisis in the first place.

Our own dear minister of Finance Trevor Manual, bless his soul, seems to have become the spokesperson of WEF. He knows the language. Business Report quote Manuel who state that the WEF should be the place where we raise our issues. It's only that Manuel seems to still sing the praises of these institutions and, while he is a good man and all that, he remains blissfully unaware of the fact that these guys have consistently failed to pre-empt and prevent the current crisis or turn around the fortunes of the country and continent he serves. To be the advocate of these elite clubs, betray Manuel's interests and aspirations (?) But let me not bore myself with WEF's language and impotence. What Manuel needs to know is that ordinary people, normal honest people, are looking simply for jobs and sustainable income, for dignified housing and for health and educational services, which improves our quality of living. We are not interested in clever sounding words like 'protectionism', the 'Doha trade talks', G8, G20, G22, G70..ad infinitum, ad nuaseam. They know that you are clever. We can keep that for the research conferences and academic journals. What people want to hear is how local council called sommer ' the council' is going to do about the 'council houses' , the 'Helen Josephs hospital' aka 'Strydom' and 'Bara', which are literally falling apart and our dignified parents have to sit in unfriendly queues for hours. Fix it man! Fix the roads and employ our local community members and young people to do the job and give them a decent wage. Curb the influx of Chinese products and also the 'labelled producs ', by stiff import tariffs and rather put government, no tax payer's money in small businesses, owned and run by the locals and subsidise local products, so that it is affordable.

Of course, this is small talk. Who cares? Anyway, he doesn't want any tips anymore- Davos has spoken. Yet, it's the small people that will continue to speak out in a language that we all understand… writing that are already on the Wall (Street)

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