Friday, March 13, 2009

Ja, baas Shaik !

The new ANC is shamelessly still serving the interests of the rich, and even JZ's humble backgrounds nor his singing and dancing will save it. The most recent blight on our liberation movement's struggle credentials are the 'medical parole' farce of business tycoon and convicted crook, oubaas Shabir Shaik.

No matter how delicate the footwork, no matter the spin (read: lies), the ruling party lives out of the oily money bags of shady billionaires and will continue to serve their masters after the elections. Mail and Guardian, who recently exposed the moral decay within the erstwhile liberation movement has done it again. High five to Ferial Haffajee ! Today, M&G reports on Shaik's verbal offer of R 10 million for a house from his deathbed, so to speak. With the liberation movement in tears over our dear comrade Shaik's inevitable fate, who languished two years in hospital jail, the nation knows. Yes, we know what is happening and won't be fooled, again. So wipe your tears and own up to reality: our ruling party has morphed into the kind of political machinery that is reminiscent of the racist National Party, back in the bad old days. What we see today, amongst these Gucci-comrades, is what emeritus professor in economics, Sampie Terreblance researched and published on. Pity we don't hear him because he is a white Afrikaner.

The question is whether the well-meaning bishop and now defrocked rev is able to provide us with an alternative. The cynical me thinks not so. We've seen them in action and it seems as if this holy party unfortunately, props themselves up with 'have-been' pastors, who failed to read the message of the hand, writing on the wall, 'mene mene tekel ufarsin'. Today, we don't need lackeys of big capital in pursuit of profits, but prophets able to discern truth from falsehood, to speak clear on the fact that the 'new South Africa' or better, the politically connected, in her haste to become rich has failed to address the dire needs of her poor people. Whilst theologians like Boesak en Dandala, at some point were revered around the world as examples of the sharpest thinkers in black liberation theology and have led the masses in protest against injustice, today they have become nothing less then court prophets, selling their wares at the highest price. They have failed the liberation of the poor. The danger is that they now tragically might be exposed at the polls, having sacrificed their own.

What is the point of this bitter (?) rant and lament? The point is that we trusted these names. We hailed then. They were symbols of hope for our communities- they represented our struggle for dignity. The point is that this year, the ANC will still, for the sake of oubaas Shaik and his ilk, mesmerise the masses and the rest will still scramble for the crumbs. There is however hope, but the source of this hope of a better future, is shifting. It is shifting from charismatic orators to unassuming prophets like the few independently thinking journalists, a handful of brave faith leaders, and yes a few brave intellectuals and institutions like our Constitutional Court, who will speak out and stand up for the outsider, the voiceless ('stemloses'), for those who are really sick to death. They don't stoop to the new 'baas', they walk tall in dignity.

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