Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Faith seeking action

Can churches really change their world ? Often this question is asked, especially where church communities and religious people have publically colluded with evil. The rest of us would walk away: I am not part of 'that' church. I am not like that, at all. Deep down we however know, that something else, more sinister is at work within us.. a faith or understanding of faith that wants to hide our fears and interest. What the world need is communities who, are willing to let go of these securities and lead people into lives of faith, real faith in the real world.

I listened to Greg Leffel today, where he is arguing for churches, to humble themselves and listen more. In his recent book, Faith Seeking Action, he suggest, what he calls a missio-ecclesiology (new understanding of church and mission), which takes a lead from social movements. Social movements are those like Treatment Action Campaign, Jubilee 2000, Making Poverty History, 46664, etc. This, for him is the place where social change is taking place, not government meetings, or a tent-'veldtog'.

In a time, where the voices of those faith communities that struggled against apartheid, have gone silent, in spite of growing inequalities and the fact that we live in a deeply violent society, maybe, our focus have been at the wrong place, maybe we need to look outside to find God, in the streets..
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