Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bob, still milking the poor.

Its multinational companies like Nestle, which keeps tyrants like Mugabe in power. They maintain their hold on poor, exploited nations, they remain silent at the cruel measures by the Mugabes of this world; together they milk the poor.

The Mugabe empire is still in place and thriving, irrespective of democratic elections, which emphatically rejected Bob, a 'government of national unity' or any interventions by SADC or, what's that guy's name again, the small one in the big chair and his pipe(dreams). In the mean time, Bob is still milking the poor Zimbabweans. When some of them realize what is going on, he just utter a few insults to fictitious British colonizers, pounce on white farmers and MDC, and then, almost magically, everything returns to 'normal'.

What is it that keeps his type in power? It's certainly not his people. They trusted 'the revolution'. They trusted democracy, SADC-style. They trusted 'the West'. It all failed them. We still see our leaders walking hand in hand with him, showering him with lofty praise and generous gifts. (Apparantly the Mugabe-empire pride themselves with some camels, gifts from the self-appointed president of the United States of Africa and guardian of Africa's interests against the West, the other village lunatic, Colonel M Ghadaffi.)

This evil system that keeps his ilk in place, is much more pervasive, insidious and powerful. It's a system that proclaims, above all else, our greatest virtue is in ruthless, economic growth, the accumulation of money. Its a system where those in power reward themselves with the cream of the crop, at the expense of millions of their poor underlings.

The Nestlé's of this world knows this and Mugabe and his comrades, demonstrate that in this world, even the most hard-core of revolutionaries are not able to overcome the lure and attraction of money and economic power. (Let's not forget about cde Blade, and the tools of his trade, as minister of Higher Education).

It's critical for us to start to ask the deeper questions, and to expose these companies and countries that continue to exploit the poor and if need be, indeed, we should start anew campaigns to boycott their products. In the 1980s clerics like Beyers Naude, Allan Boesak and Desmond Tutu travelled the world, calling for economic sanctions against the illegitimate regime of the Nats. They maintained that the call for economic sanctions, is a call of conscience, where people of faiths need to put pressure on the economic interests that keep Botha in power. I think that we are at a point where Mugabe's friends and allies need to be exposed and called to account. If need be, stronger pressure need to be placed upon them join us to dismantle the Mugabe-empire. Let's keep our eyes on how Nestle will respond to this new scandal...till further notice.
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