Friday, September 11, 2009

Dance festival- a celebration of our young people

We had such a wonderful evening last night attending the West Rand Dance festival. I had some personal interest, so my reflections will be biased. Even so, I am exited in what our various dance studios, are doing in our communities with our children.

Often we are overwhelmed my so much negativity, in the meantime, the simply continue to produce excellence year after year. What we enjoyed last night, are in a sense the wealth of the potential, but more importantly, the verve, sheer hard work and determination of our young people, in particular our daughters. This time the issue was not nagging about sore thumbs (in this case hands), or gender verification tests, it was celebration of our best.

The evening was well organised, the costumes and dance technique of high quality (I'm actually quoting the adjudicator) and evidently of international standard (again, the adjudicator), but that's not my focus here. Here, I simply want to rant against our media, who often (like in this case) fail to elevate and celebrate this good news story. They are seemingly not interested in this and would chase after the gory stories, which sells. Back in the days, we debated at length, ad nauseam, the theme: the pen is mightier than the sword. Do you remember those highschool debates (or shouting contests, actually)? It's only the last few weeks that I've understood the real significance of that debate, although, I think, usually the pen (laptop) and sword, usually fight alongside each other, on the side of the powerful.

I think, we should, continue to enjoy and celebrate the finest accomplishments of our young people; we should challenge them to work hard at fine-tuning their talents, at aiming to be the best at what they do. Sebastian Coe, Olympic medallist at middle distance of the 80, is clear, 'anyone who is serious about reaching the top of their profession will get there through a combination of hard work, focus, application and sheer talent….' This is happening in our communities, under the radar of the public media yet, it is there and as parents and educators we should continue to support it.

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