Wednesday, February 24, 2010

they never die

Theologians never die. They live on. Whilst some-one like Dawid Bosch honed many leading thinkers as supervisor and pastor/missionary while he was alive, perhaps his most lasting legacy was his writings, which steadily gained reputation and gravitas after his untimely death in the early 90s.

To make the point, perhaps it would be better to replace theologians with writers, intellectuals or teachers. In any of these cases, the title is not the point. The point is that we leave a lasting legacy when we are willing to share, to give, to try and enrich the lives of others. Michael Le Cordier drove this point home recently when he responded to the challenge to 'bruin intellektuele' to come out and join the debate on Afrikaans. Le Cordier's argument was simple: there are people in our midst, unasuming and perhaps not 'educated' in an elite sense of the word. These people shaped the next generation, planted seeds for the trees that gives us fruit and shade today. Their legacy lives on, their views of God, the world humannes still inspire debate, reflection and new ideas. They remain our incipient theologians and as we stand on their shoulders, we can see better. Indeed they never die-they live on.
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