Tuesday, March 02, 2010

100 days before the opening of the Soccer world cup. Are you ready ?

Are you ready for the Soccer World Cup ? Its only 100 days now. 3 months. Its been said often that SA will not be ready, the roads, the Gautrain, the team, the stadiums, etc. I think we will be ready, so last year I bought myself a Bafana Bafana shirt ( I know its the old green one- at least its made in SA, not China) and I thought, I will use my Chiefs vuvuzela ( I know that SuperSport won the league-at least its not Pirates)- I am ready to roll.

My question remain: are we ready ? Speaking from our community in Riverlea, I wonder whether our communities are prepared for the onslaught and whether our children will be safe. For more then a month our children will be at home. We are preparing some youth and children's programmes, but we need to step up awareness, support services for parents, alternative care-facilities; we need to be able to track our children all the time.

But there is some good news !
A helpline was launched early in this year by the Salvation Army and BE HEARD. Lets put it up there on our boards and pamphlets. 
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