Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bafana need faith

Watched the game tonight. Exited like the rest of the nation to see our team doing well. Playing against teams like Namibia     would be the opportunity to rally the nation behind the boys. I would not say I was very impressed though. It seemed as if the guys was simp;y going through the motions, just doing enough to draw against a team that did not even qualify for the World Cup finals.

So, what is my advice to Bafana? Being an expert arm-chair critique, I observed that our team were able to execute the moves, make the breaks, but there's one thing we lack. We don't finish it off. We freeze in front of the box. ( or the shots goes haywire). Perhaps we need a bit of self-belief, faith that, indeed we can. I've seen other athletes with less talent, opportunity and finesse, yet they burst with self-belief and they intimidate you with their confidence. So, at every opportunity, they shoot for goal. They have faith in their ability- and if they fail the first time? Then they go back and shoot again.

Come one guys, we know you can do it.

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