Sunday, July 25, 2010

strangers become part of us...

Its one thing to speak about lofty ideas on justice and reconciliation. Its another thing to live it. We often asume that its all about saying the right words, quoting the most sexy philosophers and authors and have them comment on our wordsmithship.
Its not.

Its about sensing and feeling our fellow human beings. As we journey through life we meet strangers along the way. In those moments where we meet the stranger, where we are challenged and changed. Our world is changed. Sometimes we meet in them the face of God, as his dream for the world becomes a-live (or a life). Justice and reconciliation (and you might want to add unity, love, peace....etc) are living realities. These realities that need to be embodied in the mandane struggles for life (and also of life itself), as we inter-act. Sometimes we are able to capture these moments in words; often not. Then we may dance or sing. We may simply rest in that moment or the series of moments-almost like a surfer who caught that special curl. Then its gone....its part of the ebb and flow, of life and we need to (again) battle as new more powerfulwaves are on the horison-beckoning us.

As strangers enter our worlds, they become part of us. Perhaps we will never see them again, yet, those moments of inter-action, have left their mark. We are changed, our worlds have been changed.
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