Monday, November 15, 2010

Liberation movements and justice...

One of the themes that I explore on this blog is the misrule of ZANU-PF, in Zimbabwe, led by Robert Mugabe. Of course, this is not in anyway trying to get involved in partypolitics, it's simply a matter of justice. It's my simple argument that postcolonial faith is by definition, faith that engage issues of justice. Postcolonial theology articulates the voice of God's hidden people, as they engage their situations of opression under empires, as they struggle towards liberation. They also expose the empire theologies which collude with colonialism.

This is where liberation and liberation theology comes in. Its not simplistically a liberal theology. In fact, Black theology of Liberation has as one of its targets, Liberalism and a Liberal theology, which pretends to stand on the side of justice, yet frantically keeps and protects, the spoil acrued through racism and colonialism. This meant a strategic alliance, or dialogue with liberation movements of all sorts.

Today, I simply want to note (again) that this alliance is not for ever, espescially where liberation movements have evidently gone off the rails and have established sweet-heart elite pacts, with neo-liberal capitalists or where they have degenerated into little fiefdoms of despots like Mugabe. Hence, historical alliances have to be revisted on an ongoing basis, because where these movements don't concern themselves with the poor and the needy anymore, there they've become the new opressor. They've become as vile and despicable as the colonial masters and need to be exposed and deposed..
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