Friday, January 14, 2011

A Shift in North-Africa...for who?

Is there a reformation taking place within Islam ? Some people believe so. They also suggest that this tectonic shift has the potential to change the face, not only of the Arab world, but also the rest of the world. I have to admit, I still have to get my head around this kind of thinking. The key question for me is whose interests will these shifts serve. What I do observe though is that we see a perhaps a shift of sorts unfolding, errupting in North African states, like Tunisia, Algeria and perhaps also Egypt(?).

If anything, I think there is certianly a painful and bloodsoaked new birth taking place. Reading Fanon, places these shifts in a historical context. But more so, Fanon helps to make me see that the postcolonial political machines, also carried within themselves the seed of their own destruction. Its as if that old doctrine of Augustine, (bishop from Hippo) the doctrine of total depravity, loom large over the excesses of these governments. Unless leaders and their families and friends are kept in check by a vigilant and informed civil society, then they run amock, irrespective of their religious identity or the shifts taking place there. It seems critical to note that it's rather a vigilant and critical civil society, which keep governments, (but also rligious communities!) in check, to serve the needs of all.
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