Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunisia, is in us...

For many of us, Africans, Tunisia is a great soccer team. The last few weeks, for some of us, especially those here in the Southern tip of Africa, the name has become a sign of hope. The dreams for change, for our voices to be heard, are the dreams of the people of Tunisia, as they rose up against a dictatorship, within their own country. Tunisia has become more then a soccerteam, they've become part of us. They are alive in the dreams for change, for justice.

The us that I refer to are perhaps, the cries for justice in Zimbabwe, where another dictator, Robert Mugabe and his cronies, has been looting the breadbasket of Africa for 3 decades now. None of his liberation buddies want to say anything or speak up for the poor people of Zimbabwe, because after-all, he is black and therefore it will be embarrassing to the liberation, to say anything against him. But also, South Africa, after 17 years of ANC rule, is sliding into a state, which only favors those connected to the President in power. Those who stand in line to take over the reins, in the ANC Youth League, already knows how to squander the tax-payers money, and how to pay favors to friends and family. Its becoming endemic, and slowly its becoming part of the culture within the ruling party. There is also here a cry for justice, as the poor continues to suffer and as political enemies are ruthlessly dealt with.

So the dream of liberation still lives within us. The hope for a fundamental transformation of the economic system and realities, still fuels a struggle, at the southern tip of Africa. Its within this context that the dreams of Tunisia, the most northern tip of the continent connect with us. But more so, its the activism, the consistent and relentless marches, demonstrations and writings of ordinary people, the agency of the people, that has won our heart. Its in us, as we start this year, Tunisia is in our hearts, in our activism, in us, as we march forward to take down the Ben Ali's of this world.
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