Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the road (again) to Economic fiefdom or freedom?

Malema and his band of brothers (yes, I only see brothers) are going to lodge an appeal and also push for a 'political solution' to their woes. I guess that is fair. It remains within their rights to exhaust all avenues within the constitution of their organization, to fight their case. That is not my concern. In fact, I view the latest squabble to be an internal matter within the ruling party. Yes, I know that it might have public consequences and that the matters if the ruling party is public. Afterall, they are ... the ruling party, etc, etc,

My concern lies on a different level. I have been quite impressed with the effort of the Youth League in their campaign for Economic Freedom (in my Lifetime, as well!). The long walk to Economic Freedom raised some critical concerns, more pertinently the issue of youth unemployment. I do share their concern. The question is however, how we address that and how we infuse real hope amongst the youngsters, how do we get creative over a global crisis? It's at this point where sadly, me and Youth League's roads, part ways. Its in my view, time for us to ask the more difficult and awkward questions about why we are not at a place where there is signs of real hope for our youngsters, and perhaps try other angles. Let my start with 3 questions that are foremost in my mind. (Of course, I am open to better and fresher ideas, unlike the Youth League)

1)  When are we going to have a major campaign to mobilise volunteers in our townships, preferably Youth League officebearers, to teach youngsters afterschool lessons on maths, physical sciences and accounting? (no Life Orientation and Sex education please.) I want to see the big guns in Alex, Zola, Corrie, Heidedal, Steynville, but also in Richie, Koffiefontein, and in Mhlabatini, teaching pupils the basics. This could lead to more youngsters getting university entrance with a solid maths and science foundation, and it will lead to graduates, who will be able to eventually take over the mines, but more so, they will commit to also give another poor kid a helping hand.  That's it for question number 1and the nationalization of the mines is sorted out.

2) What about the Youth League getting involved in Sports and a Mass Scale Recreation Development. These days sport in our local township schools have literally died out. (I am aware of teachers who run the extra mile. God bless your souls!). But in the bulk of government schools in townships there is no more athletics, ('rooihuis', 'groenhuis', etc. you know what I mean); no more cricket nets or soccer and netball courts to play competitive sports. Imagine if the Youth Leage start to organise local leagues, regions and National leagues,with Kenny Kunene the sponsor. Ok, I know I'm delusional now, but I'm just asking. Whilst academia is one route to earn a sustainable living, professional sport could be another. It might not help with the mines, but ..... no, it will not help with taking over the mines.

3) Let me ask a last question. Juju knows in his heart of hearts that entertainment is so critical for youngsters. He loves it too. Just think Purple. Let me ask one question: Who is the celebrity who earned the most per minute? (this is a lame bit of Trivial Persuit, but wait for the punchline!) It is Beyonce Knowles-Zee! (isn't that her husband, Jay's surname?). Anyway, my point is that the entertainment world is dominated by black people and why can the YL get involved in the SA's Got Talent stuff, the development of choirs of drama of entertainment academies and develop the talent of our young people to walk tall; to rake in the millions if need be, to use their talents to make a difference in the world. The next Michael Jackson is not waiting to be born, some-one need to inspire, to revive the seed and our youngsters can do it. Can we not have a national youthmovement of creative youngsters, inspired to work hard, are disciplined and proud of their achievements, instead of the same old, same old, berets and extra small (Made in China) T-shirts, like back in the days of the founding fathers of the Youth League (Yes, I only hear of the fathers)

I guess, I'm dreaming huh? Yes, we'll only see another round of toy-toying, of ever new political slogans and songs, conferences and speeches with the customary Viva's and Amandla's. And we all will think that at least Pres Nelson Mandela lead the country at some point. The question is whether all these old styled antics lead to economic freedom for the mass of unemployed youth? Of course not. It will lead to more political power and access to economic benefit for the purple fiefdom though.  
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