Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horrified by torture and rape of 8 year old, CYM speaks out.

I hear this morning on MetroFM, of the horror story of a 8 year old girl, still in her school uniform, who was raped and mutilated, somewhere in Kwazulu Natal. One of her eyes was gouged out and, with blood streaming down her face, she had to crawl home after the brutal attack. The alleged perpetrator, was a 15 year old boy. Apparantly the granny turned her grandson in this morning, stating that he is a 'normal' boy. How can one simply turn  your head and walk away, from this? 

Honestly, I don't know what to say.  Let me rather post the strong statement from the Christian Youth Ministry (CYM):

 The Christian Youth Ministry is extremely horrified and shocked by the ever increasing inhumane and barbaric acts perpetrated by some males in South Africa, as evidenced by the gang rape of a 17-year old girl by seven males in Soweto and other areas in the country. We call upon all South African men, women, youth and children to outrightly reject any forms of violence by continuing to expose these acts.
Rape and violence against women is a social time bomb in South Africa and a country plan is urgently needed to address sexual violence.
Christian Youth Ministry is deeply disappointed and worried by unabating high levels of rape and violence against women in South Africa.
The sector also seeks to clearly state that sexual violence can only be stemmed by a strong and effective criminal justice system supported by social and community partnership that

  • Educates young boys and men about human and women’s rights,
  • Build Strong Moral values
  • Builds respect and promote humanity and gender equality,
  • Actively opposes violence and sexual violence against women.

Christian Youth Ministry calls on all men and boys of South Africa, especially prominent leaders, to be part of the fight against this horrific scourge by challenging social norms that allows such acts to continue. We call on all men and boys to lead by example and reject the objectification of women and girls and expose violence against women and children in their communities and families.
We welcome the arrest of of the perpetrators who gang raped a 17 year old girl in Soweto recently and the arrest of the men who brutally killed Miss Pretty Nontombi Jonginamba (14) in her mother's home in Gugulethu last week, and also a horror story of a 8 year old, who was raped and her one eye brutally gouged out by a 15 year old boy. She had to crawl home and now in hospital in a serious condition. It happened in Mvuthini in the area of Gingindlovu, KZN we demand for swift justice against the perpetrators.
We call upon all the Christian Youth members to say enough is enough and take a pro-active approach in dealing with crime in our society.
We also send our regrets to the families of women and girls who have been brutally murdered, raped and sexually assaulted in our communities.
Statement for Christian Youth Ministry

Mdlayedwa Mthombeni
General Scretary
Christian Youth Ministry
Uniting Reformed Church Southern Africa,

073 353 8928
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