Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's move on from the Kleinfontein churches and get on with the work.

Can I just say this about the Freestate NG Kerk and Belhar Confession? They're like the people of Kleinfontein- just a little bit more savvy and sophisticated.

Like with the people of "Kleinfontein", I am therefore more and more convinced that those of us who are guided and inspired by this understanding of God's word for time (the Belhar Confession), simply need to move on and get on with the work. I pray to God that I say this not triumphantly or with a vindictive spirit-however, I say this to remind our leaders of the dire needs and pain in our communities. Irrespective of how this will be read by the Kleinfonteiners, there is work to be done.

There's been a season for us to try to convince people to "accept" the Belhar Confession. I think that season was crucial. I also think that God wanted all of us to pursue that quest with all of our energies. We also (inspired by the Belhar Confession) searched for unity- structural unification between the various racially apart Dutch Reformed churches. However, I think that the season of intense concentration on this structural unification, is over. By persuing that, we run the risk of missing what we need to do now and within the next decade or so. There are pressing (life and death) concerns that calls for our attention as the broader Belhar Community. Let me mention a few, even though this is not a exhaustive list. Much more serious research need to be done within the next few years, if not decades.

Whether we speak of drug addiction, the influx of refugees from Zimbabwe or Somalia, unemployment or lack of sanitation services because of contractors and counselors "eating" the money, God calls us now to simply stand where He stands - with the poor and needy; to call for justice and restitution and to follow Him, even when powers are against it. These concerns points to a deeper cancerous malaise, which might destroy our communities. Should we continue to seek out people who simply doesn't want us- or should we start to love the people who begs and cries out for our attention- here on our doorsteps? My sense is that faith communities need to allow these concerns to start to impact and influence the way we do and live out the good news of God. We must stop to go over land and sea to hope for the love and respect of people, who see your presence as an irritation or worse, as a criminal who wants to steal their property. Of course, the doors must remain open for whoever wants to join and we must remain open for invitations towards serving together, but, for goodness sake, lets not get stuck on Kleinfontein and for the next 20 years, try to convince them to join the Tswane Metro Council. Its time for us to get on with the work - with our responsibility. Let's get up and clean up our streets, our communities, let's love our children, strengthen our families, enjoy the fun-times as communities... (you know what I mean) and for goodness sake, let's take care of our own calling. No-one else can do that.
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