Friday, June 21, 2013

Smoke and mirrors... our new political voices.

Let me put it on record: Kenny Kunene and his ilk, doesn't speak on my behalf. Yes, they might be savvy when it comes to how to manipulate publicity, but something's smelly.

I just had to say this and yes, I don't mind that this is my small contribution to him trending. At least my position in the debate is one of caution and serious concern. Of course, I could have opted to keep quiet. But the moment friends and colleagues on my timeline, start to hail him and put in an effort to share his stuff, i.e., the moment we allow womanizers and shady characters to become our social commentators and political voices then I fear, we sliding towards becoming a banana republic- a parody of democracy. A joke!

Please folks, I guess everyone has a voice, but to the media, my plea is: stop giving these characters so much publicity. The last time you did this was, of course, with Juju. Remember him? In Afrikaans media, the agenda is set at some point by Dan Roodt, Ernst Roets and Afriforum, whilst here in the English media anything goes: from Kenny Kunene and his associate Gayton McKenzy (my spelling is shady, ja). But the issue is broader. These characters have an agenda and media helps pushing that agenda. Let me explain: This kind of thing also happens in our community meetings, where the merchant and druglord speaks the loudest when it comes for community policing issues. We must remember, this is a strategy where these characters infiltrate the structures where key decisions are made and try to influence decisions to suit their 'business interests'. It is the blurring of the lines between public interests and shady business, between the underworld and the centers of public policy making. I am very concerned in the way these character use public forums, a hype hungry media and to push his agenda.

So, please be reminded of this moment in our political history. The question is of course: where did you stand?
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