Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Paying for our new Austrian "grootbaas" AKA #ETolls

I support the recent statement by our churchleaders on the e-tolls.

In my view, for most of us the problem is not to pay for quality roads and services. We are quite willing to pay and take responsibility. In fact, we do this everyday through VAT, the fuel levy and PAYE. That is the source of revenue for maintenance of our infrastructure and for caring for our people. We do this wholeheartedly.

We are however against the reckless wastage and the abuse of that money - for example for the building of royal palaces (read: Nkandla) and for maintenance of the opulent lifestyles of the current political elite and their cronies on the doorstep of dire poverty and failing health-care systems.

The current e-toll system, operated by an European-based multinational company, based in Austria, Kapsch Traffic-Com (KTC), is not about serving the needs of our country; its about lining the pockets of the shareholders of this company and their lapdogs here in SA.

So, I am not tagged and will not be bullied into paying for the enrichment of a new Austrian "grootbaas" of a government who has sold out her own people.
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