Friday, May 09, 2014

The Post-Election Hangover.

As South Africans we can be proud of the elections and the way it has been managed. Yes, there is no such thing as a perfect election, but it was most certainly credible, free and fair. If we have been hoodwinked, then well, we have to carry the responsibility for that. As a country we get the government, we deserve.

Of course, we have some very exciting possibilities and some disappointments. There were some fascinating developments with regards to some of our most cherished ideologies, like Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism, which calls for a fundamental rethinking or what my colleague Derrick Mashau, would call "re-alignment of politics". It would seem, at this stage that those parties that consciously carried this legacy, will not be in parliament. This will be the most interesting development after the elections.

A fascinating development is what some have called, the "new kid on the block", but the surge of EFF say something about the kind of unresolved issues within the ruling elite. They (the issues and the people) are not that "new".  One would have to take account of the reality that indeed, whilst the ANC had some serious challenges, all of it, whether we call it, the "ANC Youth League's fall-out with No 1", the "service-delivery protests" or "spoil your vote", "Waterkloof-Gate", "Vavi-Suspension" "Nkandla-Gate", etc.; they remain an internal squabble. The ANC, as a broad tradition, now occupies a very broad political space, left, right and centre and has effectively destroyed all external threats. It remains to be seen what these formation will do in response to this.

Overall, however, I would hope that we remain vigilant and keep up making our noises heard.
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